Monday, November 28, 2011

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Last night, I met a young 28 year-old woman and a transplant from Mesa, Arizona online.  Her name is Annabella.  Much to my chagrin, she replied to one of my personals ads I recently posted on Craigslist.  She mentioned that she was temporarily staying with a married female friend until she could find a place of her own and was strongly considering moving to Sonoma County where it's cheaper.  She would begin a graduate program in social work at San Francisco State University spring semester and was looking into pursuing an internship with various non-profit organizations in either Marin or Sonoma.


We began e-mailing back and forth.  In getting to know me, her questions began probing more personally into my personal sex life.  She had mentioned that she was hanging out at home drinking several watermelon martinis while watching a movie on television and periodically falling asleep at her laptop.  Because I'm open about my sexuality, I answered her candidally, and our e-mail exchanges went on until almost midnight.  I offered her my phone number early on before our exchanges got that personal, and she replied that she had some prior bad experiences and wanted to take her time as a safety precaution before we talked on the phone.  I was fine with that.  In her last e-mail, she said she was falling asleep but that she hoped she'd talk with me again sometime soon.  I e-mailed her earlier tonight and haven't heard back from her.  It makes me think that she wasn't taking me seriously.  How am I supposed to react and what am I supposed to think?


Here I am, interested yet vulnerable with a woman I hardly know who claims she wants to become a therapist and help others.  She's interested in me as she mentioned because I had mentoned that I like sex.  Yet, I made it clear to her that in addition to playing things by ear, I was on a quest to find my best female friend as well as someone who would and could eventually become a girlfriend.  Her lack of response today/this evening makes me think that her getting personal with me occured because she had several of those watermelon martinis.  She mentioned that my replying to her last night was the most interesting thing that happened to her last night.  Annabella made the faulty presumption or assumption that because I was really nice, she was competing with many other women who had replied to my ad when she was the only woman at all who in fact had.


What am I to think?  If I don't hear from her by the end of tomorrow, I will assume she wasn't taking me as seriously as the martinis she evidentally enjoyed.

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